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Tips for Your Perfect Haircut: During

Getting a great haircut goes beyond picking out the perfect picture and discussing it with your stylist. While a consultation with your stylist before your cut is definitely one of the most important steps in getting your perfect cut, one that most people miss is while the cut is happening:

Pay attention.

It may be tempting to flip through a magazine or scroll through Facebook while you are getting your hair cut, but trust me, the best thing that you can do is to pay attention to what your stylist is doing. This can prevent any miscommunications that may have happened during your consultation from turning into major mishaps. Maybe you were thinking “shorter” is half an inch and your stylist thinks it means “two inches”, that’s a big difference that you will notice before a cut is made, saving you (and your stylist!) a future problem.

If you’re paying attention while your hair is being cut, you can also decide on last minute tweaks and changes that you may want to make before your cut is finished. Maybe you are envisioning a sweeping bang with your new bob or a few face-framing layers. Whatever last minute additions or changes you want to make can be discussed while the cut is being performed.

Please know, though, that haircutting is a science. If you want to make any major changes to the cut that had been discussed previously, let your stylist know as early into the cut as possible. Angles, ratios and possibly even tools will have to be adjusted accordingly to accommodate your request.

So next time that you sit down in the chair, close the book, turn the phone on silent and enjoy a little quality one-on-one time with your stylist!


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