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Tips for Your Perfect Haircut: Before

It takes a lot to look put together. You have to have the right clothes, makeup and of course, the hair to match. Your hair is the only accessory that you wear all day, every day so you’re going to want to invest in the very best haircut that you can. The right cut can take pounds— even years—off your face, cut down on your morning styling time and give you an enormous boost of confidence. But no matter how much you spend at the salon, without the right pre­-planning and proper after cut care, your style will never be all that it can be.

To get that perfect cut, it’s important to take a few things into consideration, to discuss with your stylist during your consultation:

● What do you like best about your hair, now?

● How much time do you want to spend on daily styling?

● How much money do you want to spend on maintenance/styling products?

● Do you have any length considerations?

● Do you have any style restrictions due to your workplace dress code?

● Do you have a photo that shows the look that you are going for?

Your haircut should be a reflection of you—your personal style AND your lifestyle. It can be really tempting to pick up the latest gossip magazine and pick out a photo of a hairstyle on a celebrity, but if that cut takes 45 minutes every morning to style and you only have 15, it’s not the right cut for you. Ask yourself the tough questions, when it comes to your perfect cut and make sure to discuss your needs thoroughly with your stylist during your consultation. I offer free in­-depth consultations to every client, to make sure that we are achieving the right style for you. After all, the most important thing to me is making sure that you look & feel your best!

See you soon!


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