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Tips for A Perfect Haircut: After

There are three parts to getting a perfect haircut, and this is the last, and least well known one: Ask for Help!

Once you’ve done your prep work and have discussed your needs with your stylist before your cut is finished be sure to ask for a styling lesson during your appointment. I offer free styling consultations to all of my haircut clients because it’s important that you walk out confident in your own abilities to keep your new cut looking great. My clients are a direct reflection of my work as a stylist, so the better you look, the better I look!

One of the best ways to learn how to manage your new style is to have your stylist blow dry and style half of your head, walking you through all of the products used and steps followed. You can then “learn” on the other half, using your stylist as a guide. There is no better teacher than the person who gave you the cut in the first place, so use them while you have them!

While you learn, ask about styling alternatives, so that you are leaving the salon with multiple options. This will keep you happy with your style between appointments since you will have some flexibility. No matter what your hair length is, you should be able to style it more than one way by using a few different products and techniques.

One last thing: products. Pay close attention to the products that your stylist is using. Beauty professionals spend a lot of time educating ourselves on products and we choose what we use for a reason. If we are using a particular combination of products on your style, it’s because we’ve done our homework and are choosing the best possible product cocktail for you.

While products sold in salons only are definitely higher quality, if you really don’t want to spend the money for professional grade products ask your stylist for a drugstore recommendation. Your stylist wants you to be happy and look great, no matter where you buy your products. Just know that while we will get you as close as we can,  your results will not be exactly the same.

See you soon!



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